Ting Hai Effect

The Ting Hai Effect is certainly alive and well in 2012 regarding Adam Cheung’s new series soon to be aired on TVB. Not only HK is shaken by it but the entire world economy seems to be moving in tandem with this Ting Hai effect. Europe’s political disaster and bank runs are all maximising this effect. As a true value investor, and I try my best to be a true value investor, as opposed to those momentum driven value investors (a.k.a speculators), this is a massive opportunity. I was at around 30% cash before the markets dropped, now I’m down to almost 0%. Whether this is a smart move or a move that leaves me no more room to buy more is yet to be seen. However, most of my companies are paying dividends early next month, this should give me a healthy cashflow injection. Next week is unlikely to be a good week by consensus, however, consensus is always wrong, and as always, I don’t really care about it.


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