Nexus 7 Tablet

As I am about to order my Nexus 7 Tablet by Google and Asus after trying it a few times in store, all I can say is it is amazing yet super cheap. It is so cheap that I was literally going to buy it on impulse without doing any research, but then I thought I really should delve deeper into it before I make my purchase as a wise consumer and investor. The way I saw the tablet in store was mostly positive. I did not see any of the downsides said by some reviewers, for instance, poor picture and sound quality. Although I do hope that some of the manufacturing defects will be fixed by the second batch of orders. It also seems like the tablet is high in demand and it is sold out everywhere. That might be true, but the store I went to said they will get another 30 of them next week and will be sold out by next week. Just 30! This verifies that Google is just using this marketing technique (like Apple) to prop up the demand of their products.

Holding to my own words, the best investors are the wisest consumers. From the consumer perspective, Nexus 7 is marketed as a low end device but it beats all the other mid-range tablets. The price with the specs just changed the tablet industry forever. The previous tablets did not interest me because they were either laggy and/or overpriced. The Apple iPad was clearly too expensive for an impulse purchase that I probably won’t use a lot. The way Google priced it with the specs is just the perfect entry point for a lot of new Android users, like myself. I believe Google is using this device to draw in a ton of market share. I last saw that the iPad has around 60%-70% market share, and Android has around 20%-30%. This might change, just like how the Android phones did to Apple’s iPhone. Well, as rumoured, Apple could be launching an iPad mini to compete with N7, and Kindle Fire. But I am not sure if they can really announce so many yet-to-be-announced products this year – including iPhone 5, 13 inch retina display MacBook Pro, new iPod Touch, and iPad mini? That seems like an overload of Apple products. Whether they can do it is a mystery, but my feeling is that Apple seems to be losing its grounds with the absence of Jobs.

(p.s. 3336.HK makes the case for Nexus 7, which has been praised a lot in reviews.)


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