Some Major Changes to the Portfolio

I made some major changes recently. I sold off my 3398.HK stake with losses amounting to around 20% after dividends. This was the company I was least confident with. I knew about this even before I got the dividends from it, I was telling myself you are just going to collect the dividends and the share price will drop. The point is my action was not in line with my thoughts. But it happens occasionally like this, you react to wrong thoughts, while not reacting to right thoughts. Someone told me earlier this year that this one is a dud company and I didn’t listen. This reminds me of this saying: 不聽老人言,吃虧在眼前, literally translated as not listening to old people, losses will come in front of your eyes.  Although this company may grow to all time highs later on, my doubts on this company is just too great. While I shrugged off my losses, I moved on. I built up a medium position in 1997.HK. I just think I am more suitable to invest in tech companies, I always make losses in the textile industry. It is perhaps I’m just not patient enough or do not have the expertise in the textile industry.

Talk more about 1997.HK later on.


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