I found a pretty interesting company

Ka Shui International, 822.HK just released their interim results. In which it says, “the first half of 2012 has started well with the good momentum carried over from the second half of 2011. Driven by the robust growth in sales of magnesium alloy’s notebook computer components as well as plastic protective cases for the smartphone market.”  It further writes, “Despite the turbulent economic environment, the emerging consumer electronic products such as smartphones and notebook computers will continue to be the growth drivers for the Group in the foreseeable future.”

This is great, the notebook industry has more than picked up from its bottom.

Also in the report, “In view of the growing trend of using magnesium alloy for notebook computer casings due to its unique ultra-thinness superiority, the Group will capitalize on its competitive advantages in the industry to expand its production capacity in order to further increase its market share.”

This confirms my view and I really have to disagree with this – 巨腾受惠潮流改变 – and I think she is just paraphrasing JP Morgan’s analyst report. She claims that there is a changing trend in notebooks adopting plastic casing instead of metal casing for reduced costs. This analysis contradicts with what is happening at Ka Shui International. Trust analyst reports with big names at your own peril, I try to stay away from them.

She further mentions at the end, who would have thought of this changing trend from metal to plastic casing at the beginning of the year. I think she is just eating sour grapes because she did not buy this company when it was $1 because she is a speculator. She did not even mention about tablets. Again, the investor wins, speculator loses.


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