RMIH 3Q results

I was getting a little bored of the old theme, and this one surely looks a lot better. For RMIH’s 3Q results, I didn’t see any surprises there. I think it is on track this year, not sure why the market reacted so violently at the end on Monday. I don’t think it is a … More RMIH 3Q results

How do you know whatever you are buying into is really cheap

They say that when you find a cheap stock, the odds that you are wrong about it is 90%. The scariest form of being cheap is that when your preliminary analysis of the company shows that everything looks fine and rosy. This should be treated with massive amounts of skepticism as I doubt the undervaluation … More How do you know whatever you are buying into is really cheap

Another acquisition

We are pleased to announce our most recent acquisition. Here are some of the facts of the company: It is the mother of industry. It has long term track record, founded in 1975, listed on HK stock exchange in 1993. It is also listed in Singapore. It is run by two brothers who founded this company in … More Another acquisition


Staring at the market everyday at the opening is like watching noobs vs. noobs. At the pre-opening market people rush in to put crazily high priced orders, just after opening the other camp sells, and then 10-15 minutes later another camp comes in to buy. I just like to sit back and enjoy the bloodied … More Random