Staring at the market everyday at the opening is like watching noobs vs. noobs. At the pre-opening market people rush in to put crazily high priced orders, just after opening the other camp sells, and then 10-15 minutes later another camp comes in to buy. I just like to sit back and enjoy the bloodied battles of  great trader warriors of all sorts, while enjoying the fruits of long term vision and tranquility.  However much I want to stay well away of market follies, this is not always possible. When I do make my orders,  I have to have surefooted dexterity, lest I get sucked into the whirlwinds of trading frenzy.

Honestly, looking at the markets going up like this frightens me a little. It is not in my best interest for the market to go up so much. My greatest wish is to see the markets being largely flat, while my portfolio up. It also amazes me how quickly things can change within the matter of a month. While it is no surprise the US is firing up all their engines readying for their presidential election. I ponder what are their tricks of the trade to beautify numbers, well, I will leave these issues to the conspiracy theorists.

In terms of my portfolio, I started selling 3336. Its future is fairly clouded right now. I am taking the safe approach here to take some profits while  leaving some on the table for future gains. This approach will not maximise profits, but a profit preservation method.

Just a side note, whenever I tell people I am an investor, they say to me so you are a trader. I’d say, NO, I am not a trader. Do the smart general public not understand they are entirely different breeds.


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