A few things about Android devices

I am very compelled to write this after using my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy Nexus) for a few months compared to iOS products I have used for years.

The Apple products may get a bit tedious from daily users who have been using them for years. This is a fact many young Apple users have been sharing. I had to get myself an Android product no matter what, and also part of market research. So I got this phone, the flagship model for Google Nexus series. There are a lot of things to like about, like the usual stuff reviewers talk about a lot – big screen, customisation, widgets, and alike. I think most reviewers are inherently positively biased toward the devices they are reviewing. I know a reason why is because most people looking at these reviews like to know that their devices they are about to buy or bought are good. Reviewers who tend to draw out tiny, tiny errors or omissions are disliked heavily by the crowds. This is so true on YouTube since a majority of active people on YouTube are Android fans. Therefore reviewers don’t really talk about the small negative things, at least I don’t hear a lot from them. It surely is a tough business to be objectively reviewing products while pleasing the crowd. However, this is not my problem. I don’t care who reads my stuff. In fact, I don’t need people to read my stuff. I am completely just myself with nobody controlling my state of mind. I need to please no one but my rational mind.

Let’s talk about the important teeny tiny stuff. I have heard one reviewer said that the volume buttons and on/off button are positioned on one of the other Android phones in a way that makes you press both accidentally at the same time. I have to say that it is not the way they are positioned, it is the way the hardware is designed. The hardware is surprisingly poor compared to Apple devices. The buttons are flimsy. You can press them so easily that just by holding the phone in one hand, you could press the physical buttons on the sides without even knowing. So you either hold you phone gently like a feather, or you press buttons accidentally. This never happens on Apple devices. Their buttons are built with attention to detail, guaranteeing the chances of accidental presses are greatly minimised.

Talk about attention to detail for Android devices, I can probably rate it a fail. I don’t think either Samsung or Google paid much attention to small details like the control freaks of Apple. The headphone music change button is horrible. To change music you need to press the button twice, just like on Apple. But on my phone, when you press it twice, the first press the music instantly stops, which should not happen. Sometimes it doesn’t even detect my second press, so the music stops. It should not behave like this, music should not stop when you press it twice. It should just change the music. This bothers me a lot when I am listening to music while running, I don’t know if music is changing or it stopped. This doesn’t infuriate me so much. The often boasted customisation part is what infuriates me.

Customisation was very good but only to the extent it didn’t slow down my phone. I was playing with it a lot when I first got it. I was putting tonnes of widgets on, and lots of background running apps because the phone’s original software lacks (like as simple as a battery % monitor). You could drag and drop lots of movies from your computer. You could even BitTorrent on it. But things started to turn nasty within less than a month of aggressive use. It had gotten so slow that I almost vowed to myself not to get another Android device, and I nearly threw my phone onto a brick wall. Of course none of those happened, I just had to do a factory reset and everything went back to normal. I mean seriously, why would you allow us to do so much customisation which makes the phone turn into an unusable state? Now I have to treat my device like a baby instead of a workhorse. I have to use it like an Apple with little to no customisations. Why don’t I just get an Apple with much, much higher quality, and sleeker hardware?

Well you may say the newer models should be a lot better because of faster processors, and more RAM. I don’t know, am I going to trust them again? I think a lot of early Android users have gotten so sick of the lag that a lot of them will switch to try Apple for their very first time. They might try Microsoft devices since they are already out (I hope Microsoft changed for the better, because I also have very bad experiences with past Microsoft products). Now tell me, who is to lose market share?


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