Recent Tech Roundup

Apple is finally relinquishing its litigation threats on HTC after a bitter battle that substantially weakened HTC’s core operations. I think this is something to be expected sooner or later since Apple can gain credibility from the public acting as though it is shifting its focus from patent battles to real innovation. At the same time, there is not much to lose from Apple, because HTC’s market share and innovation have been held hostage by Apple for the last three years. HTC still has to pay Apple fees for using their patents. Another way to think of this is Apple is trying to foster a deeper relationship with Taiwanese hardware manufacturers and begin to reduce its dependence on South Korean firms. Apple has to show friendlier attitude towards Taiwanese firms because its current situation with South Korean manufacturers, especially Samsung, is unsustainable. Apple  has to play nice with Taiwanese firms in order to gain their trust, if there is any left. In this business world, friends can become enemies and enemies become friends overnight. What a sad world we live in. I wish there could be a place where…

Anyway, Nexus 4 was released yesterday and it was sold out in record times – 15 minutes in Germany, an hour in US, and pretty much sold out everywhere else. Nexus 4 is rather a remarkable product considering its price and specs. This phone will be another game changer that could potentially lower all high-end smartphone prices in the very near future. The days of $800 phones are over. Apple has to lower its margin, so will Samsung, HTC, Windows, Nokia, Blackberry and everyone else. Unless, of course, someone comes up with a compelling enough product that will make consumers want to pay stratospheric prices. This phone could be in the making, but I am unsure what major leaps we could achieve next year or so.  The world is dying of some real useful innovations. Has this industry reached a plateau where lowering prices is the only way to go?

If it has, then I might be better off studying the fashion industry.


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