I have not studied this company, but since there is a major news outbreak from HP so I guess I will write some thoughts of my own.

I never thought HP was a good company ever since I used their laptop, which had major problems and died in less than 2 years? A normal laptop should last at least 3 years minimum, some go way beyond that up to 10 years. I also heard a lot of people saying HP and Dell laptops were utter disasters for the last decade, but they sold a lot of them, so it eventually diluted their brand image. I remember having one of the HP desktops back in 1990’s, which was quite sturdy.

HP’s management team is dud. They are out of touch with the market. I think they are the “uncool kids” in the playground, but they try hard to pretend to be one of them. The good management jumped ship ages ago.

About the just announced failed acquisition, the CEO said, “What I will say is that the board relied on audited financials. Audited by Deloitte — not ‘Brand X’ accounting firm, but Deloitte. During our very extensive due diligence process, we hired KPMG to audit Deloitte. And neither of them saw what we now see after someone came forward to point us in the right direction.”

In other words, the HP board just trusted their auditors in blind faith but did no rational thinking of their own, or it might be conspired scandal…


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