My short trip to Guangzhou

Going to Guangzhou from HK is nothing spectacular for a trip, and I’ve been there a couple of times before. The distance from Guangzhou to HK is not that far, but it took us 3-4 hours that would normally take us 2 hours to arrive to our destination because of very heavy traffic jams. Traffic seems to be particularly bad during CNY because apparently tolls are free for highways during this time of the year. The locals say congestions are everywhere even during normal days anyways. We arrived at our relative’s house inside one of those Country Garden villages on Wednesday afternoon. Everything seems to be super-sized over there because Chinese people like big stuff to show the grandeur of their wealth.

Our relative’s house is recently bought and remodelled. The materials they used seem to be of far higher quality that those at my home in HK and Aust, and craftsmanship seems to be very good too. Even the doors seem to be much more solid than ours. They also have those bathroom masters/heaters installed, but unfortunately they are not AUPU. I can’t even tell what brand they were. I will do some more expert analysis on the photos I took.

This trip I saw a few notable brands I know that are listed on HKEX. I saw a lot of Liansu (2128) signs along the roads during my car ride. This is the number 1 brand for plastic pipes in China. I think Liansu pays the small shops to have the sign placed above their signs. I remember their CEO said they needed to continually expand their company image. This is an excellent company and I once made a two-bagger from this stock. Another one I saw was Royale Furniture (1198), this really is not a quality company. Unfortunately I couldn’t see any AUPU brands anywhere.

Talking about internet censorship in China, it is actually getting very bad. A few years ago I didn’t find it too much of a problem for me. But this time, I couldn’t even go on half the sites I normally go to. Pretty much most of the English sites are blocked, even WordPress is blocked. If you use proxy to go to foreign sites, everything seems to be very slow. The internet experience in China is very poor indeed.

That’s about it, might add more stuff when I think of more important stuff to write about.


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