The markets haven’t really gone anywhere for the past month and March was the month for results announcement as well. Talking about my own companies, I don’t think they have gone anywhere after announcing results. There is still one more company to announce on Friday and that is it. Considering Friday is also a Good Friday, I wonder why they chose a public holiday to announce results, probably because it is on the 28th? A lucky day?

Let’s see my company announcements:

422 VMEP – dropped a fair bit after earnings announcement, but I haven’t actually developed my position at all at that time, so I just bought more.

1888 Kingboard laminates – it rose after results, but dropped a fair bit after that. It was fairly valued at the announcement date, but now I think it has gone cheap.

2698 Weiqiao – Dropped a fair bit after earnings, but steadily rising back to where it was. I think this is still quite cheap.

3336 Ju Teng – it kind of went up after results, but it has gone range bound because I think it is at its fair value. If they can keep improving their profits then $6-$7 is not a big problem.

255 LKM – Spot on at the fair value and the market is efficient, steadily edging up after results.

477 AUPU – NO IDEA, hopefully will not disappoint me.


All in all, results have been boring. My portfolio performance did not change much at all. Everything is quite expected.


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