How to make abnormal amounts of money

An interesting idea I was ruminating on is how to make more money than the usual person. It pretty much comes down to this – do things normal people don’t want to do. This method can be proven from history over and over again, and one such example is back in medieval times moneylending was seen as an evil job among Christians, but the Jews didn’t mind being segregated so they made a fortune lending money to Christians.

Today what do normal people want to do? I guess the average person wants to get some qualifications through study and get a decent job for life. They obviously don’t like taking risks, they don’t like thinking either. Thinking is harder than doing a menial job day in and day out, hour after hour for them. Most people just do what is like on autopilot, they sit at their desk, 9 to 5 and leave. That is probably the very average person.

What about the above average professional type? They studied hard for their professional licence like doctors, lawyers, or engineers. These people studied so competitively is because they too wanted a job for life without taking risks. These types of professions think a bit more than the average person, so they earn a higher salary. But they hate uncertainty.

So it boils down to this, most people don’t like to think, and don’t like to take risks because they hate future uncertainties. They like stability and predictability. It is not very hard to get very rich if you like to think, and like to embrace the uncertain future.


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