I still love Apple…

All companies mature, it is just a matter of time. The catalyst of Apple maturing prematurely might be the early death of its former leader. Regardless of this, I still love Apple products. From the range of laptops available for purchase at this time, I still think the most attractive options are MacBook Pro/Air. I am sure quite some people might share this same idea as me because of bad experiences with other vendors. But I would delay my purchase of a MacBook right now because of a few things…

1. Although priced cheaper, the MacBook Pros without Retina display is not that attractive an upgrade from a 2011 11” Macbook Air.

2. MacBook Pros with Retina display is hardly justified by its price and specs.

3. I see no reason why I would want to upgrade from a 2011 MacBook Air to a 2013 MacBook Air.

The current range lineup is just not attractive to a person using an older Apple computer. Does Apple know that they really don’t have that much pricing power for their Retina MacBook Pros. The 13” Retina MacBook Pro costs HK$11,488, it would be great if they had 256GB of flash storage, but they are giving you 128GB. If you want to get an upgrade to 256GB that would cost you $1500 more. In fact, they pretty much force you to upgrade because they pretentiously say this from their website: “Your MacBook Pro comes standard with 128GB or 256GB of flash storage. Please note that the flash storage is built into the computer, so if you think you may need more storage capacity in the future, it is important to upgrade at the time of purchase.” Anyone who knows how to do a Google search will know this is not true at all. I especially dislike it when I know they are not telling the truth.

The 15” Pro is even more ridiculously priced.

Just wake up Apple, your products don’t command as much pricing power as before. Just give us a 256GB hard drive for $11,488 or lower the price for 128GB so that we can upgrade for a reasonable price. Sales for the new MacBooks Pros aren’t great anyways.


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