My own little research into burgers in HK

I was not a fan of fast food especially McDonald’s until
recently because of the burgers there are really too cheap. After
having tasted a couple of the main burger chains in HK, I think I
can sufficiently write something about the burger industry within
HK. The biggest burger restaurants are of course McDonald’s (MCD),
KFC, and Burger King (BKW). There are myriads of other restaurants
that mainly serve burgers as well, including BLT Burger, Triple
O’s, Mos Burger, Burgeroom (have not tried yet), Outback, and many
other restaurants/bars also serve burgers. I think the most heated
competition is still between MCD and BKW. In my opinion, MCD wins
the competition by miles not by having the best burgers, but by
having the most convenient location for the cheapest price. You
just cannot go past a McDonald’s while you are walking on the
streets, and you would naturally find yourself in one of them if
you can’t figure out what to eat for lunch/morning or afternoon
tea. In fact, I think MCD’s strategy is quite smart to make the
cheapest burgers at HK$8, so that you will habitually go to one of
them every day/week. Once they got you hooked for their cheap
burgers, you might also want to try some of their more expensive
choices. For the past month I have been habitually going to MCD
almost every work day. It actually removes the tough decisions in
what to eat during work. The only downside is the horrible Chinese
music they play in their stores very loudly. I wish they could turn
it down a little so I can listen to my own music. I heard BKW in HK
is dying quite miserably when location and convenience for cheap
fastfood is dominating most of the workforce. I was at one of them
just then and the burgers were actually much better than those from
MCD, but of course more expensive. I would love to eat BKW more but
the location is very inconvenient compared to MCD. You can see this
quite obviously when MCD was packed to 100% of their seats, while
BKW was just 60-70% occupied. The telltale sign I saw just then was
the wrappers and cups from BKW, it still says copyright 2007. Does
that mean they have not made any new wrappers since 2007, and they
have over projected their sales by so much? The more worrying sign
was the ketchup wrapper, with copyright 2004 and no expiry date on
it. I hope the Ketchup was not packed almost 10 years ago, it still
tasted fine anyways. Even if the wrappers were made recently and
they just didn’t bother to change the year, such a tiny thing
(oversight?) still means it is a stale company. 2013-05-13 17.28.28 2013-05-13 17.30.22 2013-05-13 17.31.02 As for the other burger
chains, BLT Burger actually tasted quite bad for the price they
charged. They serve you crappy foods like MCD, but for the cost of
a luxury burger. They even ask you how would you like to cook your
burger patties, when they are meant to be cooked well done like MCD
patties because they are crap. Triple O’s is way better compared to
BLT, and a lot cheaper. While Mos Burger is nothing too special,
they charge about the same as BKW, but I think I can derive more
value from BKW than Mos Burger. The burgers at Mos Burger is
actually pretty average. Outback burgers are so-so. I also ordered
a burger from some bar at LKF, that tasted fairly average as well.
Burgeroom has pretty good reviews, I might try that one soon. As
for KFC, I have no interests eating there unless I really have


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