Just focus on quality

As an investor, I always have to remind myself to focus more on quality companies and less on market prices. Market prices often don’t mean anything, especially short term fluctuations are completely irrelevant to what I do. Market prices are for short term traders, and since I am not one of them, I should not pay too much attention to those things. On the other hand, focusing on quality companies will eventually yield great returns provided that you purchase them at a discount. This is very much akin to Apple’s philosophy of intense focus on making quality products that customers want, rather than simply producing something because a competitor has made, or even more ridiculously what Wall Street thinks of them.

The road to success is hard and often we cannot see the future clearly. Quality companies may not even be so good at the end, and time spent for intense analyses and studies may yield to nothingness. This is a risk all quality driven companies/individuals face. This is a hard road to walk, but if you succeed, returns will be an overflow of abundance far greater than what you have conceived. Patience is virtue.


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