KFM Kingdom 3816.HK

From their 2013 final results announcement:

“The decline in revenue is mainly due to decrease in revenue of consumer electronics segment
by 28.6% for the year ended 31 March 2013 as compared with that of 2012 since our Ultimate
Customer had gradually ceased to engage one of our major customers for sourcing and
procurement of the relevant metal parts at the beginning of 2012. Such decreasing trend
continued and we have not received any purchase orders from that major customer for the
relevant metal parts since the end of June 2012. Although from June 2012, we started to serve
two other sub-contracting manufacturers of the Ultimate Customer for the manufacturing of
similar type of the mental[sic] parts that we previously produced for the said major customer, our
Group already suffered significant drop in revenue and net profit for the year ended 31 March
2013 as compared to that of last year.”


It seems most likely Ju Teng, Ka Shui, Hon Hai Precision and others must have taken their consumer electronics business. It is no wonder this happened, I think they are too diversified and not focused in one segment. They are in

office automation, (Ricoh Company, Ltd., a company based in Japan)

medical and test equipment (Agilent Technologies, Inc., an equipment provider in life sciences, chemical analysis, and electronic test and measurement based in the United States, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., a provider of life sciences analytical and laboratory equipment based in the United States),

finance equipment (MEI, Inc., Diebold, Incorporated – automatic teller machines, bank note sliders, housing of credit card readers.),

consumer electronics(metal parts of chargers for mobile devices, portable chargers for tablet personal computers and safety products), and

network and data storage (BDT-Germany*, a company based in Germany which manufactures datastorage automation products.)



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