iPhone 5S event

The event was unapologetically uneventful. After hoping numerous times that they would have “one more thing”, I guess we were all wrong. There was no one more thing from Apple. The iPhone 5S and 5C were all documented quite clearly long before the event, Apple didn’t really try much to double down on secrecy anyways.

During the event, possibly the one and only killer feature I found was iWorks for free on all new iOS devices. This is serious blow to Microsoft’s attempt to put Office on mobile devices. Microsoft’s lateness to putting Offices into more mobile devices is quite stupid in many ways. Now, I don’t think they ever will. I think Apple is kind of using the same strategy and Google is by giving away things at almost zero profits to lure people to use their other products. Google did that with their Nexus 7 by reducing their profit margins to almost zero and attract more people to use their software. Apple is doing the reverse by giving away free software to attract people to using their hardware. Office for Microsoft is probably one of their only few strengths right now, with that gone on a lot of mobile devices in the future, I think Apple might finally put Microsoft into its grave. With that said, Apple is still quite vulnerable to Google. One can see these three players as Apple is smarter than Microsoft, but not as smart as Google.

And about the iPhone 5S, the fingerprint sensor is kind of okay. Once it gets integrated with mobile payments to use on EBay, Amazon etc. then I think will see the real use of the sensor. Otherwise, I don’t think consumers will flock to this device just because of an added fingerprint sensor to unlock their phones. Also, if Apple can put it there, anyone else can as well. It is not really that competitive a feature to gain market share. I think any incremental changes to the smart phone technologies will just shrivel out to nothing because anyone can do it.

I also heard that making the iOS 64 bit will make it converge with OS X, which is the long term goal of Apple. If these two gets converged, we will be in a very different world. We could possibly be in a world where one machine can do all things. We don’t need a laptop/desktop and an iPad. We could easily plug the iPad into a monitor to turn it into a full fledged computer that can do everything – e.g. video editing, PC gaming, and everything else you wanted to do on your computer but can’t on iOS devices. We could even be only carrying a small phone as our brain, a real computer with lots of horsepower. Then we can just plug that into peripheral devices to improve our user experience. I think that would be an interesting proposition. As you can see, it does kind of suck how I can’t really do everything I want to on my phone or tablet. Somehow I still need this laptop or desktop thing. In the future, consumers only need to buy a phone as their central computer, and some other optional devices like a keyboard, monitor, mouse etc. There probably won’t be anymore MacBooks, or laptops, or desktop towers. Everything else related to PCs will be gone. We are moving very quickly into a world where personal computers will become synonymous with your smart phone.


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