Large-size OLED panel technology still needs years before posing a challenge to TFT LCD technology, says AUO president
Julian Ho, Hsinchu; Alex Wolfgram, DIGITIMES [Monday 16 September 2013]
Large-size OLED panel technology is not expected to take over from TFT LCD panel technology in the next few years due to low yields and high costs, according to AU Optronics (AUO) president Paul Peng.

Commenting about large-size panel technology for use in TVs, Peng said he believes Ultra HD TV panel technology has the most prospects in the near future, as panel makers and TV vendors have already started pushing the technology in the market and content makers are now using Ultra HD as well.

The company president also said there is new Ultra HD HCG/WCG technology with improved color saturation that produces high-quality images, helping LCD in the comparison to OLED.

Peng added that while AUO already produces small-size OLED panels and has the ability to produce large-size panels as well, the company still believes TFT LCD technology will be the mainstream for panel makers in the market as makers have already invested a combined US$150 billion for production facilities to produce the technology.

Peng also believes that OLED may be like other panel technology in the market that never came to fruition when compared with the success of TFT LCD, such as field emission display (FED) technology, PDP and surface-conduction electron-emitter displays (SED).


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