Lin Bin at the event in Taipei on Sept. 26. (Photo/CNA)

Chinese budget smartphone maker Xiaomi has maintained close cooperation with Taiwan-based manufacturers since its inception, as many components of its mobile phones are designed and produced by Taiwanese firms, saus Xiaomi president Lin Bin, who also expressed his hope that the company will break the international market with the backup of Taiwanese suppliers.

At an IT industry forum in Taipei on Sept. 26, Lin said Xiaomi has relied heavily on Taiwanese suppliers including Inventec and Hon Hai for assembly, Wintek and TPK for screen technology, and Unimicron for PCB (printed circuit boards), as well as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp (TSMC) for processors.

Lin said this supply chain has been vital to Xiaomi’s remarkable achievements in the company’s short history, adding it will continue to be critical as the company extends its reach to the global market. Cooperation between mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan will facilitate the creation of new and better products, Lin said.

Taiwan can emulate Xiaomi’s marketing method featuring interaction between social networking media and consumers, Lin said, which can bring to light areas needing improvement and promote brand loyalty.

The Forum of Global Chinese Economic Leaders and Taiwan’s Hi-tech Industry took place at the Taipei headquarters of Taiwan’s Straits Exchange Foundation on Sept. 27 and attracted over 100 attendees from Taiwan and mainland China, who shared their experiences of innovation and cooperation in the IT industry.

Tsechi Lin, CEO of Taiwan’s Zeitec Semiconductor, said Taiwanese products often prove popular with Chinese customers due to their good quality, but Taiwanese suppliers often fail to promote themselves effectively.

Lung Wei, founder of the website, said websites with similar features on either side of the Taiwan Strait should work together to complement each other’s strengths, as mainland Chinese companies excel in data collection and have more money available to invest, while their Taiwanese counterparts are good at analytics and have high quality personnel. Lin Hung-chuan, founder of, predicted that the glass materials for mobile phone screens and plastic technology for mobile phone cases will be star industries in the future.


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