Name/名稱 Symbol/編碼 Cost/成本價 (HKD) Share price/股價 (HKD) Change/變動 NAV/資產淨值 (HKD) % of portfolio/組合比例
Ju Teng Int’l/巨騰國際 3336.HK 3.042 $5.04 65.66% 0.4426 29.78%
AUPU Group/奧普集團 0477.HK 0.565 $0.92 62.89% 0.3147 21.17%
RMIH/峻凌國際 1997.HK 1.387 $1.30 -6.25% 0.2103 14.15%
Lung Kee/龍記集團 0255.HK 2.608 $2.92 11.95% 0.1350 9.08%
Kingboard Laminates/建滔積層板 1888.HK 2.658 $3.22 21.13% 0.0781 5.26%
I.T 0999.HK 2.384 $2.61 9.48% 0.0603 4.06%
Dividends paid but not yet received (estimate) 0.0080 0.54%
Cash/現金 0.2371 15.95%
Portfolio NAV/組合單位淨值 1.4860 100%
2013 Returns 20.10%

In between January till October, my portfolio has changed quite a lot. I have sold all of my 1997 during the year, and bought it back recently for a bit cheaper.  I have bought a lot more 3336 during June when prices collapsed, but still pushing my cost a lot higher as well. I have bought more 477 during the beginning of the year. I have bought and sold 422 with heavy losses. I have sold all my 2698 holdings. I am also very interested in 999. I think the price right now is a bit too high for me, I really hope that it goes to around $1.5 before I will buy substantial amounts of it.

A number of things I missed that I want to kill myself for this year. Varitronix 710 – I first started to read about it when it was $3-4, I knew it was going to be great because of a pickup in the China auto market, but I just completely ruled it out because it was up quite a lot from its bottom of around $2. Truly 732 is something I had it so close to my hands, a high quality, A-grade company that I just let it go pass. Bauhaus 483 is something of a surprise to me, I never thought it would pick up substantially so early. It seems like this is one of the only few retailers doing well compared to last year listed in HK. There are many others that I said no because I could not buy it at the lowest bottom like Texhong 2678, Luen Thai 311, Ka Shui 822, BYD Electronic 285 to name a few.

I suppose the major reason for passing opportunities is lack of detailed research and analysis. How do I make myself think deeper, and research harder on great companies. I need a better process to filter out the bad ones that would waste my time and energy.


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