Digitimes Research: Global smartphone shipments to reach 1.24 billion in 2014 Luke Lin, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei [Monday 25 November 2013] Global smartphone shipments are expected to reach about 1.24 billion in 2014, up 30% on year, according to Digitimes Research. The increase in growth is expected to be driven by demand in Russia, India, Indonesia and … More

Apple adjusts OEM operating model, say Taiwan makers Max Wang, Taipei; Joseph Tsai, DIGITIMES [Wednesday 20 November 2013] Apple has been adjusting its OEM operating model from OEMs being responsible for both component procurement and production, to purely production, according to Taiwan-based OEMs. The new strategy is expected to impact Taiwan OEMs’ profitability in the long … More

《外資》新蘋概股,花旗證:可成最優、鴻海掌舵旗艦新品 2013-11-21 08:47 時報資訊 【時報記者任珮云台北報導】 蘋果分散供應鍊策略,將在2014年看到台灣代工及零組件廠出現配額的此消彼長。花旗環球證券最新出具的蘋概股報告,點出四項新趨勢,強調在蘋果新釋單策略下,機殼廠可成<extra_stock_id stock_id=”2474(TW)”>(2474)和巨騰將是最大受惠者。花旗將可成評等由「中立」升到「買進」,目標價更是一口氣由166元大幅調升到255元,至於2014/15年的獲利估值也各別上修19%/36%;至於巨騰評等也是「買進」,目標價為港幣7.10元。    花旗環球證券指出,鴻海在明年將流失蘋果部份的訂單,但在旗艦產品如(iPhone 6和iPad Air)則仍將是市場的領先者。鴻海來自於iPhone/iPad 訂單的OPM約2~3%,而來自組裝(垂直整合如一體成型的金屬機殼、相機模組和連接器等)的OPM約僅1%。 蘋果釋單新策略下,明後年,包括鴻海與和碩都將在iPhone/iPad掉單,訂單將移轉到緯創<extra_stock_id stock_id=”3231(TW)”>(3231)和仁寶<extra_stock_id stock_id=”2324(TW)”>(2324),在此轉變下,機殼廠將成為最大受惠者。相信緯創和仁寶不會對鴻海集團的零組件廠下單,如此,包括可成和巨騰將是新合作對象的首選。 花旗環球證券點出明年台灣蘋概股的四項趨勢:(1)機殼廠可成<extra_stock_id stock_id=”2474(TW)”>(2474)和巨騰將是最大受惠者。 (2)鴻海在非新旗鑑品的配額將下降,但主流的旗艦品仍是維持領先地位。(3)和碩在iPad/iPhone的市場分額仍可維持不變。(4)新加入者如緯創和仁寶將在蘋果前一代的產品拿下新市占如(iPhone 5C/5S和iPad-mini)。隨著蘋果持續宣布新品,增加新的供應鍊是必要的。 台灣蘋概股,花旗環球證券持續給予和碩「買進」評等,目標價48元,明年和碩可能在iPad-mini掉單,但iPhone訂單則是增加。 此外,花旗環球證券也給予仁寶「買進」評等,目標價為29元,看好仁寶併購華寶後,在手機和平板事業的毛利率可望成長。

Automation becomes latest trend in notebook ODM industry Aaron Lee, Taipei; Joseph Tsai, DIGITIMES [Tuesday 19 November 2013] Facing rising labor costs, several notebook ODMs such as Quanta Computer and Compal Electronics are starting to push automation across their production lines in China for 2014. Compal expects automated production to save 2% of its production costs. … More

Inventory of eMMC devices rises, say sources Josephine Lien, Taipei; Jessie Shen, DIGITIMES [Tuesday 19 November 2013] The inventory of eMMC devices has risen along with an increase in NAND flash inventory, prompting chip vendors to sell the embedded memory for a low price, according to industry sources. Demand for eMMC devices has been weaker-than-expected since … More

Europe expected to see notebook shipment rebound Aaron Lee, Taipei; Joseph Tsai, DIGITIMES [Monday 18 November 2013] Notebook shipments in Europe are expected to rebound in the near future as many brand vendors have recently started preparing inventory for the market’s year-end shopping season. Among European countries, Germany is expected to see the strongest growth, according … More

Quanta unlikely to hit 2013 target shipments of 20 million tablets, says vice chairman Aaron Lee, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES [Thursday 14 November 2013] Quanta Computer in April 2013 set a goal of shipping 20 million tablets in 2013 but has found it will not be able to reach the goal because sales performance of clients … More