Biotechnology and healthcare to be major development points in the panel industry after 2017, says Samsung
Rebecca Kuo, Tokyo; Alex Wolfgram, DIGITIMES [Monday 21 April 2014]

Biotechnology and healthcare will be major development points in the panel industry after 2017, according to representatives at Samsung Display.

Speaking at 2014 Finetech Japan in Tokyo, the representatives said the wearable, vehicle, educational and retail segments will be focus points for the panel industry throughout 2013-2017 and will later switch to biotechnology and healthcare as panel makers look to integrate and create more unique experiences for consumers.

Connectivity, healthy living, and mobile life will increasingly be important for consumers, and producing panel solutions that reflect this, while creating a new “smart world” for consumers will be important after 2017, said Samsung.

The panel industry can help push healthier and connected solutions given the right technology and applications, said Samsung, adding that components will also play a major role as devices are expected to offer better voice recognition and eye tracking features in addition to odor tracking and biological functions.

As such trends progress, panels will also need higher resolutions and decreased power usage, and be transparent, flexible and curved. However, improvements in component technology such as materials will be needed to create such breakthroughs, said Samsung, adding that the flexible component industry is expected to bring major business opportunities in the future.

Samsung said 55% of a 5.7-inch AMOLED panel’s costs are for materials and components while the percentage is 81% for 55-inch LCD panels, adding that the panel industry’s efforts alone will not be enough to create new applications and technologies.


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