Windows 8.1

I just bought a new laptop with Windows 8.1 installed made by ASUS. Coming from a Mac user switching back to Windows, I think Windows 8.1 is rather good. It hasn’t infuriated me because of certain mind-boggling errors and whatnot.  Everything seems very intuitive and I have barely touched Windows computers for a good 4-5 years. Now why did I choose Windows over Mac for this upgrade? I have contemplated upgrading my laptop for a year already, and I have finally decided/succumbed to a Windows. This laptop is my main machine, and I need it to be powerful. Apple MacBook Pros are very powerful with a super high pixel HD screen, a good trackpad, fluid OS, PCIe SSD and everything you’d want. But for Windows laptops, they have features Macs don’t. I’m very intrigued by the touch screen. I don’t think having a touch screen on a laptop is not user friendly, contrary to what Steve Jobs believed. In fact, I use my tablet standing on a dock quite a lot. I don’t find my hands to be tired after short usage, I can always rest it on the table while touching the screen at the same time. The touch screen is definitely one of the selling features I considered over Macs. This laptop is a giant tablet in my mind, as well as a laptop.

The second feature is the graphics card. Apple seemed to have removed all dedicated graphics card from their lineup except for the highest end model. The highest end model is a complete waste of money and horsepower for me. I do need a decent graphics card other than an integrated one from Intel. I’ve heard rumors that Intel is giving Apple their Intel Iris graphics at super discounted rates just to boost their brand of GPUs. We all know their GPUs are subpar to anything out in the market. I just can’t put my money into something that powerful but with such compromised graphics card.

Thirdly, screen size. I paid the same price for a 15.6″ Windows laptop that could only get you a 13″ Mac.

Fourthly, a numb pad on a laptop. Apple would never do that on their MacBooks because of aesthetic reasons.

All in all, I succumbed to Windows again even though I thoroughly hated it a few years back when there were so many problems with them. It waits to be seen what the new CEO of Microsoft can do in the next few years. I’m also looking forward to what Apple has to offer with the new MacBook Air coming out soon. Can they change the hearts of consumers again?



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