Taiwan server players to benefit from growing demand from China
Aaron Lee, Taipei; Joseph Tsai, DIGITIMES [Tuesday 3 June 2014]

As China and the US dispute over the stealing of confidential information through the Internet, China has launched counter attacks to reject server products from IBM, Oracle and Cisco and the situation is expected to benefit Taiwan server-related players, according to sources from server players.

China Internet players are turning to purchase servers from local brand vendors such as Huawei, Inspur and Lenovo and these vendors are mainly receiving their components from Taiwan suppliers, the sources noted.

Inventec chairman Richard Lee, who also is the president of the Cloud Computing Association (CCA) in Taiwan, pointed out that Taiwan cloud computing players should accelerate their pace of planning for China market. The CCA recently signed contracts with a science park in Changsha, Hunan province of China to supply a complete set of cloud computing server equipment.

Inventec has also started supplying servers to Lenovo and company consultant George Wang noted that the company’s server shipments to China brand vendors will see a significant improvement in 2014.

Lee pointed out that the CCA is planning to whole-package export Taiwan-developed cloud computing solutions to five major regions: Taiwan, China, Southeast Asia, Japan and the US. The export to Japan has already been accomplished and Singapore will be next.

The export to Singapore will mainly be storage cloud solutions and the association will visit the country in June to promote products, Wang added.

The association will also host cloud computing technology forums from October-November in Taiwan. Instead of having each player looking for business opportunities itself, CCA’s whole package exports are expected to bring better results, Lee noted.


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