Truly awarded a $72 million grant towards their 4.5-Gen AMOLED fab in Guangdong

Financial OLED production
In January 2014 Truly Semiconductors (a Hong-Kong based LCD and PMOLED producer) announced plans to build a 4.5-Gen AMOLED fab. Now it is reported that Guangdong’s Province government allocated 450 RMB ($72 million) towards that new fab.

Truly expects the investment in the new fab and in a new AMOLED R&D center to reach 6.3 billion RMB ($1 billion). Truly sees a total investment of 17 billion RMB ($2.7 billion) in their OLED project (I’m not sure what will the rest of the money be allocated to).

According to earlier reports, Truly aims to start mass production in the second half of 2015. The monthly capacity will be 15,000 substrates. Truly now says that they expect to generate more than 5.3 billion RMB ($850 million) in in annual sales from the new fab.

Source: OF Week

Jun 30, 2014


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