TCL sees rebounding TV sales in June
Julian Ho, Taipei, Alex Wolfgram, DIGITIMES [Tuesday 15 July 2014]

China-based vendor TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings globally sold 1.0581 million LCD TVs in June 2014, growing on year by 45.3%, of which 194,100 were smart TV models, up 103.7% on year, according to the company.

The company added that it sold 7.5571 million LCD TVs in the first half of 2014, remaining unchanged on year.

In June, 466,300 LCD TVs were sold in the China market, up 65.2% on year, including 162,000 smart TVs to represent an 82.5% on-year increase.

In markets outside of China, the company sold 591,700 LCD TVs, up 32.8% on year, of which sales in emerging markets represented 367,600, up 21.9% on year.

TCL’s panel maker subsidiary China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT) meanwhile faced a shortage of 32-inch LCD TV panels in the second quarter of 2014 due to increased global demand, which contributed to an increase in pricing for the technology.

CSOT produced 393,000 substrates in the second quarter, up 15.9% on year, with 133,000 processed in June.


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