Iphone 6 plus bendgate

This is actually a very serious problem that is undermining the entire Apple supply chain. The bending issue on the iPhone 6 plus is undeniably an unprecedented real issue. The chassis is almost as weak as an aluminium can. I believe Apple has a few ways to solve this problem.
1. Redesign the chassis. However, since this would likely take a very long time especially with a phone with internal so compact there is literally no room for adjustments, the only way is to thicken the chassis or change to a different metal. So I don’t think this is likely at all.

2. Give out free reinforce cases for iphone 6 plus buyers. This seems like a relatively easy and cheap option, and it’s been done before for the antenna-gate problem on the iPhone 4.

Apple is sacrificing a lot of common sense usability for aesthetics. The Apple design team should really question themselves whether thinness is such an important issue after this fiasco.

Will Apple ever learn? A bigger battery, a non-protruding camera, and a strong chassis are way better than an overly thin device.


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