New Wintel hard to drive PC replacement, say Taiwan makers
Monica Chen, Taipei; Joseph Tsai, DIGITIMES [Friday 9 January 2015]

Although Windows 10 and Intel’s 14nm-based Skylake CPUs are both expected to launch in the third quarter, sources from the upstream supply chain are conservative about the new Wintel combination’s ability to stimulate the replacement of PCs and expect their shipments for notebooks in 2015 to remain at around the same level as in 2014 with the only exception being Apple’s Mac series products.

Intel is expected to release its desktop version of 14nm Skylake-based CPUs first and then start mass shipping those for notebooks in August or September.

In 2015, global PC shipments are estimated to reach around 200 million units. Since many PC functions can be performed on tablets and smartphones, consumers are not expected to rush to replace their PC systems, relatively affecting overall PC shipments, the sources noted.

Although the PC market is expected to continue seeing weak demand in the first half, the enterprise segment may enjoy a small wave of PC replacement in the second half as some enterprises that have not yet launched equipment upgrades to Windows 8 may choose to upgrade to Windows 10.


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