Sichuan Ya’an earthquake and what it means for me

TheĀ epicentreĀ of the earthquake is located in a rural area called Ya’an, which is about 140km southwest of Chengdu. Ya’an is around 200km south of Wenchuan, the epicentre of the earthquake in 2008. Considering the proximity of many of business plants are located in Sichuan, there is a definite negative impact on the operations. AUPU 477 … More Sichuan Ya’an earthquake and what it means for me

AUPU Interim Results

Things aren’t good as we all know it. Revenue down 11%. Earnings before tax down 30%. Profit margin before tax 16.25% down from 20.8%. ROE before tax 8.58% down from 12.12%. Dividend yield 5.7% for my cost, together with the 3.9% yield I got earlier, 9.6% yield. I just feel the management is clamming up. … More AUPU Interim Results


3336.HK, the market is pricing in about 5% ROE for this company at $2.20ish, that is the ROE it achieved last year despite extremely adverse conditions. It even announced a positive profit alert this year, surely the first half cannot be worse than that of last corresponding period for its core operations. Even if the … More Valuations