HSI down 8%+ YTD

What a way to start the year with the Hang Seng Index down more than 8% year to date. But from a very imprecise perspective it looks like it is just another correction and we are still on an upward trend. Well we can’t tell much about the future just from looking at the chart, … More HSI down 8%+ YTD


It is a new year again and it is already 2014. The end of 2013 marks the second year of my portfolio. It is growing at a moderate rate compared to many of the professionals out there who have been in this industry for decades. My portfolio grew 20% in 2013, which seems fairly average … More 2014

Substantial shareholders are really abusing this too much

After David Webb’s outcry about Denver Investment Advisors LLC with their stake in Pico Far East Holdings Ltd (752) for a 13 month late disclosure of interests, it is happening again, but 10 times the scale. It seems like Schroders PLC didn’t even know there is such a thing as disclosure of interests at all. … More Substantial shareholders are really abusing this too much