The markets haven’t really gone anywhere for the past month and March was the month for results announcement as well. Talking about my own companies, I don’t think they have gone anywhere after announcing results. There is still one more company to announce on Friday and that is it. Considering Friday is also a Good … More 26/3/2013


January was the month for catching up for my portfolio. Like I said before, some of my gains for 2012 have just been shifted to 2013, and they came just days into 2013. It was rather unfortunate that the cutoff date is on the 12/31/2012. But honestly this really doesn’t matter a lot. An investor … More 2013

Coming close to the end of the year and underperforming the HSI recently makes me feel extremely pressured. My returns have taken a dive because my core holdings have been underperforming, while the small holdings cannot compensate for the slow downdrift of my core positions. What is the point of active investment management when you … More

Why I Left Goldman Sachs: A Wall Street Story

I just got my hands on this book and finished reading within a day, it was a very pleasurable short reading of Greg Smith’s career at GS. The book actually gave me a better impression of the investment banking sector ┬árather than the intended purpose. I suppose I was too negatively reflected upon these institutions … More Why I Left Goldman Sachs: A Wall Street Story


Staring at the market everyday at the opening is like watching noobs vs. noobs. At the pre-opening market people rush in to put crazily high priced orders, just after opening the other camp sells, and then 10-15 minutes later another camp comes in to buy. I just like to sit back and enjoy the bloodied … More Random