Windows 8.1

I just bought a new laptop with Windows 8.1 installed made by ASUS. Coming from a Mac user switching back to Windows, I think Windows 8.1 is rather good. It hasn’t infuriated me because of certain mind-boggling errors and whatnot. ¬†Everything seems very intuitive and I have barely touched Windows computers for a good 4-5 … More Windows 8.1


I have not studied this company, but since there is a major news outbreak from HP so I guess I will write some thoughts of my own. I never thought HP was a good company ever since I used their laptop, which had major problems and died in less than 2 years? A normal laptop … More HPQ

Recent Tech Roundup

Apple is finally relinquishing its litigation threats on HTC after a bitter battle that substantially weakened HTC’s core operations. I think this is something to be expected sooner or later since Apple can gain credibility from the public acting as though it is shifting its focus from patent battles to real innovation. At the same … More Recent Tech Roundup

Microsoft the king of tablet profit margin, and Intel

IHS Suppli has revealed the bill of material of various tablets. This doesn’t include manufacturing costs, so it will cost a bit more to put them together. I think these BOM’s are only a rough estimate of the cost, because no one knows the inside deals they made within companies. Product Name BOM Price Margin … More Microsoft the king of tablet profit margin, and Intel